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Card Sales
For over a decade PPD has been making and selling cards! CLICK HERE to find out how to purchase some!
Golden Tennis Shoe Award
In the 1980s, a preschool program that Patty Murray taught was threatened by budget cuts. She set out to stop this from happening, and a state legislator told her she couldn't make a difference because she was "just a mom in tennis shoes." In spite of what they said, Murray stopped the budget cuts--and then won election as a US Senator. For the last 14 years, Senator Murray has recognized 2-4 people/groups doing extraordinary things for others. The Pink Polka Dots received this award in 2009.
Just months after our creation, the Pink Polka Dots' founding members set up a booth at the Lake Forest park Farmers Market--and the rest is history. Every summer since, we've held our booths selling cards, crafts, and other items at various farmers markets in the area.
Sydney Coxon
Sydney was a lively, happy-go-lucky girl who loved pink, polka dots, and her dog Mugsy (pictured above). When she was in fifth grade in 2005, she was diagnosed with an inoperable brainstem glioma, a rare form of brain tumor that claimed her life thirteen months later at age eleven. The Pink Polka Dots Guild was founded in her memory by her friends a month later.
Empowering Teens
At the Pink Polka Dots, we believe that young people can truly make a difference because we've seen it happen. Youth fill our volunteer ranks, design and plan our events, and come up with their own innovative ideas. Since our founding, we've been dedicated to letting the power of young girls work to cure brain cancer.
Our Future
In fall 2012, the founding members and inaugural supporters of the Pink Polka Dots went off to college around the country. In anticipation of this change, leadership was passed on to a new generation of Pink Polka Dots girls in spring of that year, including younger siblings of the founders and of Sydney herself.
Pink Polka Dots Founders
Kelsey Josund, Sierra Alef, and Maddy Berkman came together after the death of their close friend Sydney in spring 2006 to found the Pink Polka Dots. Although they were only sixth graders, they fought to be taken seriously in their endeavors and reached out to any and all contacts they could to get their new organization off the ground.
Karaoke Night 2018
For several years in a row, the Pink Polka Dots Guild held dances of various form to reach out to their young peers. While Golf Tournaments have always been the largest event of the year, a middle school dance, outdoor benefit, and masquerade ball (pictured) bring other young people into the fold.
Dr. Jim Olson
Pink Polka Dots supports the research of Dr. Jim Olson and his lab at the Fred Hutchinson & Seattle Children's Research Centers
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