frequently asked questions

Where does the money PPD collects go?​

PPD, along with several other Seattle Children's Hospital guilds, provide much of the funding for the Olson Lab at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. Because the research is so cutting-edge, often it is denied government funding--it's seen as too much of a risk. But high-risk means high-reward, and it shows.

What is the lab working on?

Dr. Jim Olson and his researchers, including many graduate students, are currently pursuing many different research interests. Among the most notable are genetic studies into the causes of medulloblastoma (the most common brain tumor in children), the development of "tumor paint" (an imaging agent that will allow surgeons to easily tell the difference between cancerous and healthy cells), and the molecular basis of neuron survival to better understand brain development, especially when it goes wrong. They are also developing ways to individualize treatment so it can be tailored to a patient's particular cancer, thus making treatment more effective and reducing side-effects. For more information, visit the Olson Lab website here.

How will these things help cure cancer?

Understanding the disease is essential for finding an over-arching treatment, which is why so much inquiry is conducting regarding the causes of cancer and normal neural development. In the meantime, individualized treatment like the lab is developing will make current techniques more tolerable for a patient's body, and tumor paint will enable surgeons to be more precise so surgery will be more effective. Time magazine wrote about this promising technology here.

How does PPD help?​

In years past, we've funded the research of particular researchers, supported the inception of new research projects, and contributed more generally to the lab's funding. Without us and other guilds like us, ground-breaking research could not occur.

There are a lot of organizations fighting cancer. How is PPD unique?

PPD was founded and continues to be operated by young people, primarily girls, and their families. We fight cancer from a personal standpoint, and like most of our supporters emphasize local efforts and local results. But that is not to say we work on a small scale: the Seattle-area research we support has the potential to revolutionize cancer treatments the world over, and because we are such a small organization your donations are direct and your impact is palpable. It is really true for us that every dollar counts--and we appreciate each and every one.

How can I join the Pink Polka Dots Guild?

Want to join the guild? Contact us and we will send you the paperwork to officially join! PPD meets quarterly in the Shoreline area to brainstorm, plan and find new ways to empower young people!

Where can I buy PPD cards?​

- Lake Forest Park Winter and Summer Farmer’s Markets

- Sky Nursery (year-round)

- The Gallery at Lake Forest Park Towne Center

- Seattle Children’s Annual Luncheon

- The Festival of Trees Event