The Pink Polka Dots Guild's newest initiative: an activism program to get college students involved around the country.

The goal of this PPD subsidiary is to raise money for Dr. Olson's lab in Seattle, as well as to raise awareness about the prevalence of pediatric brain cancer. We hope to raise money through card sales, events, and involving the college communities of UC Berkeley and Stanford. We also hope to reach out to those in the Bay Area who are passionate about ending brain cancer



A primary goal of the Against Brain Cancer program is advocacy -- for patients, for awareness, and in the political sphere. Many people don't recognize the dire lack of public funding for medical research. Because of this dearth of governmental funding, we focus a lot of our enegies on encouraging legislators to invest in our future by investing in high-stakes, cutting-edge medical research.


College students have a lot of options for how to get involved in their campuses and communities, and we recognize that. The aim of Against Brain Cancer chapters is to provide an outlet for students to have a direct, often tangible impact on cancer research in an exciting, flexible, engaging way.


While the research we support is conducted in Seattle, people suffer from cancer all across the country and around the world. The Against Brain Cancer program is intended to reflect that, as chapters work to engage students and campuses wherever interested, passionate individuals reside. All chapters will have their own unique flavor but we'll all be devoted to the cause.

Start a Chapter

If you are interested in starting a college or regional chapter of the Pink Polka Dots Guild, please contact us for more information.